4 easy steps


Let’s Design the Perfect Playset For Your Family!

Step 1 : Choose Your Series

Fort Osage Series
Traditional SQUARE Base

  • Traditional 4 Leg Clubhouse Design
  • Two Play Areas – Upper & Lower
  • Picnic Table, Playhouse or Sandbox
  • More Enclosed Play Area Overall

Mountain Series
Wide ANGLE Open Base

  • Angle Leg Play-Center Design
  • Flared Upper Roofed Play-deck
  • 360 Tire Swing or Net Swing
  • More Open Area Overall

Treehouse Series
TREE Playhouse Base

  • Realistic Cedar Tree Design
  • Two Play Areas- Upper & Lower
  • Unique Cedar Playhouse with Trap Door
  • Most Enclosed Area Overall

Step 2 : Choose your

Deck Size & Deck Height


Step 3 : Choose your Options

Universal Accessories


Wood Components


Get a piece of ozark to your backyard