Big Chief XXL Combo 2 + Lower Floor + Kids Table + 4 Position Swing + Ozark Ryder


Welcome to Big Chief XXL Combo 2 playset! Our tallest deck height and our longest 14′ Rocket Slide will sure to please kids of all ages.  The Big Chief can be customized with a wide array of options.


This Big Chief XXL Combo 2 playset is a must-have for any family looking to give their kids a big backyard playground experience! Crafted from premium American wood,  this playset’s main attraction is its 7′ deck height 6′ x 6′ platform, which includes a lower floor, Kids table, 4-position swing, and Ozark Ryder. It will provide endless hours of fun for your children; whether they’re having lunch on the picnic table, swinging away on the attached swing set, or racing down the slide!


  • 6′ x 6′ Square Based Structure
  • 14′ Double Walled Rocket Slide
  • Hard Plastic HDPE Roof
  • 6′ Rockwall with Climbing Rope,
  • Step/ Rung Ladder with Handrails
  • 4 Position Swing beam
  • (2) Belts Swings with Soft Grip Chain
  • (1)  Trapeze Bar with Metal Rings and Soft Grip Chain
  • Ozark Ryder with bracket
  • Steel Safety handrails
  • Lower Wood Floor
  • Childrens Picnic Table
  • Steering Wheel


  • Deck Size: 6′ x 6′
  • Deck Height: 7′
  • Slide Length: 14′
  • Unit Width: 14′
  • Unit Length: 31′
  • Swing Beam Height: 10′
  • Unit Weight: 2982 lbs


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